Yeniler provides service to its customers with the “Teknokim Kimya Tic.Ltd.Şti.” company, that it incorporated to its structure, in the areas of printing inks and chemistry, UV printing inks and lacquers, UV desiccator (curing) devices, sterilization chemistry, security inks and chemistry.

Teknokim Cold Chain Indicators Time Temperature Indicators (TTI) Smart Label Technology;

“When “Cold Chain” products are exposed to a temperature outside the equal temperature range specified for the Teknokim Time Temperature “Cold Chain Indicator” product, deteriorations will occur in the structure of products, particularly in the medicine and food products. The purpose of Teknokim “cold chain” time temperature indicators is to ensure that the product is used at the right time as “fresh” by determining the exposed temperature and duration.

It is an indicator showing the duration that vaccine, medicine or other needed “Cold Chain” products stayed over the maximum temperature for recommended storage conditions.

It has the quality to warn the final consumer by tracking the elapsed time for medicine and similar products, which are non-recyclable and exposed to heat for short or long durations;

There are indicator label types with printed and adhesive surfaces in order to use them for the available product or on a second packet/package.

For detailed information and short catalog, please visit the following link;

Teknokim Soğuk Zincir İndikatörleri Time Temperature Indicators (TTI) Akıllı Etiket Teknolojisi Kısa Katalog

Our other products;

Sterilization control products;

  • Dry Heat Sterilization Indicator
  • Chemical Multi-Parameter Adhesive (Steam) Indicator
  • Chemical Steam Pressure (Steam) Indicator
  • Chemical Ethylene Oxide (EO) Indicator
  • Chemical B.B. Adhesive Roller Tape (Steam) Indicator
  • Bowie & Dick Test Package

UV- Cationic (Suitable for Human Health) printing and lamination lacquers;

  • UV-Cationic Offset printing products
  • UV-Cationic Label printing products
  • UV-Cationic Flexo (photopolymer and anilox) printing products
  • UV-Cationic Serigraphic printing products
  • UV-Cationic Wood surface treatment products
  • UV Cleaning products

Security printing inks and lacquers;

  • Phosphorescent Security Printing Inks
  • Safety Printing Inks With Sensitivity Toward Optical Lights
  • Magnetic Security Printing Inks
  • Thermochromic Security Printing Inks
  • Resistance Security Printing Ink
  • Infrared (IR) Security Printing Inks
  • Pearl Safety Printing Inks
  • Combined Security Printing Inks
  • Scratch Off Printing Inks
  • Water Based, Solvent Based, UV-Security Printing Lacquers
  • Invisible Safety Card, Cardboard Coated Surfaces

Surface technology products

  • UV-Wood surface filler
  • Coloring
  • We make the cationic final finish with Top Coat UV-Water-Based or Solvent-Based Matte or Gloss UV Varnishes, and provide service about test-research methods and consultancy with regard to the standards of that product quality.

For detailed information about the products, please visit the following link;

Teknokim Homepage