CORPORATE Since 2004, Yeniler Etiket has become one of the leading companies in the sector that produces the best quality labels with the best printing work with very timely deliveries. Our company, which grows and develops as it grows, continues to serve by increasing customer satisfaction in a total area of 5500 m2 with 3000 m2 production and 1000 m2 storage area in its new building in İkitelli Organised Industrial Zone.
PROFESSIONAL STAFF Service quality is constantly kept at the highest level with the R&D team, customer representatives, marketing, sales, purchasing and quality control team specialised in their fields. Our educated, eager and highly motivated professional team members work in harmony with each other and carry out work flow processes in a synchronised manner.
MODERN DESIGN Our professional graphic design team creates original, modern, stylish designs with the briefs they receive from our customer representatives. Attractiveness, colour harmony and corporate identity are given top priority in graphic designs. Label designs are prepared in accordance with the printing type determined according to the material to be printed. After the revision and approval from the customer, the production planning is started.
TECHNOLOGY EQUIPMENT Approved label designs pass through the "Computerised Control System" in the plate making units so that plates and moulds are prepared. Computerised Control System is critical in order to prevent possible mistakes in the graphic design phase and to get perfect printing. Flexo printing machines, offset printing machines, screen-printing machines, letterpress printing machines, quality control and cutting machines in the technological machine park are modern equipment that will solve all the needs of our customers in the best way to come up with a perfect printing.
FLAWLESS PRINTING We always keep an eye on advanced printing technologies, and our machine park is growing with new equipment. Our machines periodically undergo maintenance works, and possible malfunctions and a slow- down in the production line are prevented. Our production team consists of dynamic personnel who are experts in their fields, eager for to innovations and developments and are very good in teamwork. All obligations related to Environment, Occupational Health and Safety rules are met in our factory, where personnel training courses are organized non-stop.
SERIAL PRODUCTION According to the needs of our customers, applications are made on coated, PVC, opaque, transparent, metalized label materials with several printing techniques, including as offset, screen printing, embossing, gilding and lacquering. As we are well aware that speed is as important as quality, production is carried out in a serial manner in accordance with the deadlines given, and all measures are taken to ensure that production is not interrupted.
HIGH STOCK CAPACITY All our materials are kept in stock in our 1000 m2 closed warehouse in order to produce orders quickly and to prevent disruption of production. All of the materials used in label production are first class quality that have passed all tests and analyses. No material without any proven quality cannot be admitted to our warehouse.
QUALITY EXPORTS Representing our country in the best way in international label fairs and shows, our company makes high quality and high profile production for 1500 brands in Turkey and abroad. Yeniler Etiket is constantly expanding its customer network owing to the strategic location of our country and its fast and trouble-free logistics advantage. We export our products to 46 countries across 5 continents.
ADDS VALUE Certified with TS EN ISO quality certificates, our Company fulfils all international obligations and offers a production way above quality standards. With its visionary structure backed by its corporate identity and experienced staff, Yeniler Etiket continues to provide a sustainable service to its customers and add value to many institutions and brands.