WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF PROFESSIONAL LABEL PRINTING Yeniler Etiket prioritises quality and professionalism in all processes from design to the material used in the production of product packaging labels, from printing to delivery, and it proudly presents its product range, printing technology and reference works. GET TO KNOW US BETTER Bina Etiket Dünyası Yeniler Etiket Merkez Yeniler Etiket
OUR PARTICIPATIONS IN FAIRS AND SHOWS In Yeniler Etiket Company, we are determined to maintain our leading position in the packaging and label sector with our participation in national and international fairs and shows. We introduce the quality of Yeniler Etiket to many new customers thanks to those fairs and shows, where we have the opportunity to introduce our machine park, products and services that we have renewed in parallel with the developing technology. By participating in the prestigious fairs of the label printing industry, we present our innovative solutions to the representatives of the label industry and exchange information about cooperation opportunities. We are proud of representing our country in the best way possible while introducing our products at international shows for labels and packaging materials abroad..
Food Labels Gıda Etiket İmalatı Baskılı Etiket Üretimi
Beverage Labels İçecek Etiket İmalatı Baskılı Şişe Gazoz Meyve Suyu Etiket Üretimi
Household Chemicals Deterjan Etiketleri Üretimi Çamaşır Suyu Etiket İmalatı
Medicine Labels İlaç Etiket Üretimi Ambalaj Etiket Fabrikası
Personal Care Labels Krem Etiketleri üretimi Kişisel Bakım Malzeme Etiket imalatı
Industrial Labels Etiket imal eden firmalar Etiket Baskı Üretim imalat
SPECIAL LABELS There are four types of special labels produced for different areas of use. Piggyback Labels, Security Labels, Rfid Labels and Holograms are produced in desired sizes and colours in our professional printing machines. All raw materials and dyes used for the production of Hologram, Rfid, Piggyback and Security Labels are certified and have passed all tests and analyses.
OUR REFERENCES Customer satisfaction is not a slogan for us, but a company philosophy. In label production, all processes from design to correct material selection, from printing to delivery are carried out in a professional manner and continue with customer approval. By delivering the best label to our customers in the fastest way, we are assured that the production lines are not disrupted. Thanks to our quality and deadline sensitivity, we continue to work uninterruptedly with our customers who prefer us for product labels.
AVRASYA AMBALAJ FUARI 11-14 Ekim 2023 tarihleri arasında 27. Avrasya Ambalaj Fuarındaydık. AVRASYA AMBALAJ FUARI
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INTERPACK PROCCESING 4-10 Mayıs 2023 tarihleri arasında Almanya’nın Düsseldorf şehrinde düzenlenen dünyanın en prestijli Etiket & Ambalaj fuarı olan "Interpack"a katıldık.. INTERPACK PROCCESING
PLAST ALGER - PRINT PACK Cezayir’de 16-18 Mayıs 2022 tarihleri arasında düzenlenen ambalaj fuarı Plast Alger - Print Pack 2022’ye katıldık. INTERPACK PROCCESING