PERSONAL CARE LABELS Personal care labels should be eye-catching in terms of consumer perception and the area of use. Innovative, extraordinary and stylish designs with hot gilding, emboss lacquer, glitter lacquer printing techniques play a very critical role in enhancing the added value of the product and making it preferable.
CREATIVE PRINTING SOLUTIONS After the most suitable designs for Cosmetics and Personal Care Products are prepared and the material to be printed is selected, printing and post-printing processes are decided. In design and material planning, attention is paid to the corporate identity of the brand. Label printing of all products in the sector such as shampoo labels, hand antiseptic labels, hand and face creams labels, keratin labels, collagen labels, cosmetic labels, lotion labels are made professionally.
MOST SUITABLE LABEL FOR THE PRODUCT In order for the label to remain intact during the process from the production of the Personal Care and Cosmetic Product to the sale to the consumer, both surface materials and adhesives must be decided in the most appropriate way. Several factors such as moisture resistance, oily surfaces, embossed product surface are factors in determining the right label. Our planning team successfully carries out the processes of selecting the right material, presenting it to the customer and obtaining approval.
SHELF ATTRACTIVENESS IN LABELS One of the factors affecting the decision to buy a new product is the label of the product. Creativity in label design, modern lines, elegant and stylish details add value to the product. Graphics from our customers are carefully checked and processed. Our professional design team of 7 people creates the most suitable graphics for your corporate identity for your product labels.
COSMETIC LABELS The most suitable label printing is done with offset, screen printing or flexo printing, which are among the printing types determined according to the design, packaging shape and demand in cosmetic and personal care labels. Post-printing processes such as metallic, gilding, varnish, cellophane, embossing, etc. enable the product labels to show themselves on the shelf in a much more vivid way.
LABEL PRINTING TECHNOLOGY All equipment used in label printing is capable of meeting the requirements of the time. Offset label printing machines, silk screen label printing machines, letterpress label printing machine, flexo label printing machines, digital label printing machine consist of the latest technology. Periodic maintenance of all our label printing machines is carried out, ensuring that orders are delivered on time without stopping production.
CLEAN FUTURE We are committed to shaping a sustainable future in the label printing industry. For this purpose, we offer recycled label papers to our customers. We contribute to the sustainability process by using adhesives that will not prevent recycling in printing. We obtain the raw materials of the labels in our stock from renewable resources such as sugar, corn and bamboo. We also aim to minimise waste in our production processes and increase energy efficiency in our production facility.