PRINTING SYSTEMS Yeniler Etiket constantly renews its production technology in order to offer the highest quality work to its customers. Flexo, offset, silk screen, letterpress and digital printing machines in our technological machine park are modern equipment that will solve all the needs of our customers in the best way and make perfect printing. Periodic maintenance of all our machines is carried out and the disruption of the production process is prevented.
FLEKSO PRINTING In our machine park, there are 6 most advanced machines of flexo printing technology. In addition to coated, opaque, transparent, thermal label printing, 8 colour printing, shrink sleeve, pearlized film group, cold gilding and simultaneous reverse printing can be done. We are always your solution partner with the fast, high quality and high colour quality of the production line. It is an ideal printing for your medium and low circulation jobs, it has recently contributed to Shrink Sleeve production with its low plate cost and deadline time.
OFFSET PRINTING Due to its advantages such as low cost and high printing speed, it is a frequently used printing system all over the world. It is a system that can be produced directly from the computer without a printing plate. It keeps the label costs at a minimum level thanks to its features such as printing on low weight papers, reaching very high production speeds in printing, and printing in desired quantities. There are 2 offset printing machines in our machine park.
DIGITAL PRINTING We closely followed the technological developments and added 2023 model HP Indigo 6k Digital Printing Machine to our machine park. It stands out with its ability to print on all kinds of materials and special colour ink prints such as electrolink silver, fluorescent pink. It is ideal for those who want to produce personalised labels with different designs for the same product. It will be the star of the label printing sector with its web printing solutions and fast performance in low circulation jobs.
LETTERPRESS PRINTING Letterpress is a printing method that is generally made using UV-based ink and drying system, especially colour transitions can be easily applied. Due to the use of UV ink, letterpress printing technique is preferred in places where it is desired to be durable without fading for a long time. There is 1 letterpress label printing machine in our facility.
SERIGRAPH PRINTING It is a printing method that is preferred especially for the sectors where the label must be durable; It is the printing method that can produce the most favourable labels against moisture, air and chemicals. Thanks to the method applied differently from other printing systems, very successful results are obtained in very high quality and special labels. It has the ability to print on all kinds of surfaces. There are 2 silk screen printing machines in our facility.