SAFETY LABELS It is a special label raw material. When it is tried to be removed from the surface it adheres to, it disperses in small pieces. It is used to prevent counterfeiting, to indicate the originality of the product or to emphasise the visuality of the product.
HOLOGRAM Under the right lighting, they are three-dimensional images in which objects can be seen from different angles, as in reality. Holograms can be produced in desired sizes and colours.
RFID TAGS The communication required to read the information recorded on the chip inside the RFID tag is provided by radio frequency (RF) signals through the antenna in the tag with the reader. When the RFID tag enters the reading area, it is detected by the reader and sends the information stored in it together with the chip's own code to the reader wirelessly and contactlessly through its antenna.
PIGGYBACK TAGS Piggyback labels are labelling applications where two or more labels are placed on top of each other. Such labels usually have an adhesive layer that allows the top label to adhere to the surface underneath. The top label covers the bottom label and can be easily detached when needed.