FOOD LABELS In order to store the products used in food consumption under healthy conditions, various environmental conditions are provided. All necessary data such as the conditions under which the product should be stored, the ingredients, the manufacturer and the brand are on the label.
SHELF ATTRACTIVENESS IN LABELS One of the factors affecting the decision to buy a new product is the label of the product. Creativity in label design, modern lines, elegant and stylish details add value to the product. Graphics from our customers are carefully checked and processed. Our 7-member professional design team creates the most suitable graphics for your corporate identity for your product labels.
RIGHT MATERIAL GOOD RESULT Both surface materials and adhesives must be determined in the most appropriate way in order for the label to remain intact during the process from the production of the product to customer sales. Choosing the right material is very important for the reputation of the brand, its contribution to the quality perception of the customer and the best label performance. Many factors such as hot and cold sensitivity, moisture resistance, oily surfaces, embossed product surface are factors in choosing the right label.
TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS Rising on the motto "We are pioneers in innovations and followers in technology", we quickly add all the equipment to our machine work if it brings dynamism to the sector. The latest technology digital printing machine was added to the constantly renewed offset, screen printing and flexo-label printing machines. With the digital printing label machine, practical solutions are brought to small quantity jobs and fast and perfect printing is offered together. With the new machines added to our park, the delivery deadlines are shortened with the increase in print quality.
CREATIVE PRINTING SOLUTIONS After the designs fit for your product are prepared and the most suitable material for printing is selected, printing and post-printing processes are decided. This is determined according to the features of the product, and where it will be used, the perception it should evoke in the customer, modernity, tradition and recyclability. Offset, screen printing or flexo printed labels; metallic, gilding, varnish, cellophane, embossing, such as post-printing processes, product labels are made to present themselves on the shelf in a much more vivid way.
ALL FOOD LABELS We are all the way professionals in honey and jam labels, tea and coffee labels, ketchup and mayonnaise labels, sunflower oil and olive oil labels, fruit and vegetable labels, halva labels, nut butter and chocolate labels, butter and cheese labels, jarred food labels, tomato paste labels, meat and fish labels, frozen food labels so much so that labels of all products seen on market shelves are produced professionally.
SUSTAINABILITY We are committed to shaping a sustainable future in the label printing industry. For this purpose, we offer recycled label papers to our customers. We contribute to the sustainability process by using adhesives that will not prevent recycling in printing. We have access to the raw materials of the labels in our stock from renewable resources such as sugar, corn and bamboo. We also aim to minimise waste in our production processes and increase energy efficiency in our production facility.