HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS LABELS Laundry and dishwashing detergent labels, cleaning supplies labels, labels of chemical products used in households are produced in our label printing facility in a fast, high quality and flawless way.
LABEL DESIGNS Household chemical labels are designed to ensure the safe use of products, to indicate the active ingredients, to draw attention to the instructions for use and to provide necessary information for emergency cases.
SELECTION OF SUITABLE MATERIALS Household chemical labels should be produced with materials suitable for the product properties and its areas of use. Durable and water-resistant materials are preferred to ensure that the label remains intact. In addition, sustainable options are given priority by considering the environmental impact of label materials.
QUALITY IS YOURS! High-quality prints are achieved by using the latest technology in the production of household chemical labels. Technological innovations such as digital printing machines, special coatings and surface treatments increase the visual appeal of labels and distinguish products from competitors.
SPECIAL PRINTING SOLUTIONS Each household chemical product has different characteristics and therefore label designs should also be suitable for specific needs. Special printing solutions are developed by taking into account factors such as the area of use, odour and type of the product. Post-printing processes such as glossy or matt coatings, special varnishes, embossing ensure that your products attract attention on the shelves.
LABEL PRINTING TECHNOLOGY All equipment used in label printing is capable of meeting the requirements of modern times. Offset label printing machines, screen- printing machines, letterpress label printing machine, flexo label printing machines, digital label printing machine are of the state-of-art technology. All our label printing machines periodically undergo maintenance servicing to assure that orders are delivered on time without any production stoppage.
SUSTAINABILITY We attach importance to sustainability principles in the production of household chemical labels. We minimise our environmental impact through steps such as the use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly adhesives and energy-saving production processes. We also have continuous improvement targets in waste management.