MEDICINE AND HEALTH LABELS Labels to be used in the pharmaceutical and health sector should include the name of the product, its content, usage, restrictions and warnings in detail. Labels must be readable and should not get deformed during the storage and shipment of medicines. For this reason, attention should be paid to the material and printing quality to be used.
FLAWLESS MEDICINE LABELS Since the information on pharmaceutical labels contains health-related data aimed at directly informing the consumer, the labels must be produced and presented to customers without error. There should be no errors in the design and printing of important information such as storage conditions of the product, active ingredients, manufacturer, instructions for use on the labels of pharmaceutical and health products.
LABEL DESIGNS The design of pharmaceutical and health labels is of utmost importance to ensure that users understand the product and use it safely. The colours, symbols, fonts and layout of the information used in the design should provide information to the user in an easy-to-understand way. Our professional design team highlights your products with label designs suitable for your corporate identity.
SHELF ATTRACTIVENESS IN LABELS One of the factors affecting the decision to buy a new product is the label of the product. Creativity in label design, modern lines, elegant and stylish details add value to the product. Graphics from our customers are carefully checked and processed. Our 7-member professional design team creates the most fitting graphics for your corporate identity for your product labels.
HIGH-QUALITY LABEL MATERIAL The materials used in pharmaceutical and health labels set the bar for the quality and durability of the product. Choosing the right material extends the shelf life of the product and assures that the label remains intact. Factors such as whether the material contains allergens should also be considered.
EXPORTING LABELS All stages of the production of pharmaceutical and health labels are carried out in our production facility. Manufactured labels are quickly customs cleared and transported by air, land or sea. The quality and reasonable prices in label production are the driving force behind why many countries prefer Yeniler Etiket.
CLEAN TOMORROW We are committed to the principle of sustainability in the production of pharmaceutical and health labels. We minimise our ecological footprint by taking certain steps: using recycled label papers, choosing materials that do not prevent recycling in adhesives, and getting raw materials from renewable sources. We also have continuous improvement targets in waste management and energy efficiency.