INDUSTRIAL LABELS Industrial product labels are used in areas such as automotive, electronics, machinery and chemical industry, white goods, small household appliances. Label manufacturing of all products on the shelves of hardware stores such as paint, brushes, silicone, sinks, tiles, hand tools are also professionally manufactured.
EYE-CATCHING LABELS For eye-catching labels on industrial products, the entire process must be managed correctly with design, material selection, printing type, print quality and post-printing processes. Yeniler Etiket planning and production department manages the printing processes of your products' labels in the best way. When planning and production are smooth, flawless and eye-catching labels emerge.
PROFESSIONAL LABEL PRINTING All processes of label manufacturing are carried out in our factory. The most suitable label printing is made with offset, screen printing or flexo printing, which are among the printing types determined according to the design, packaging shape and demand in cosmetic and personal care labels. Post-printing processes such as metallic, gilding, varnish, cellophane, embossing are also used to ensure that the product labels are ahead of their competitors.
UNLIMITED VARIETY OF LABELS In label manufacturing, special work can be done for your product in many subjects such as size, special cutting, printing variety, printing colours, post-printing process variety. White goods labels, hardware labels, electronic product labels, chemical industry label manufacturing are made in an original and professional way.
LABEL PRINTING TECHNOLOGY All equipment used in label printing is capable of meeting the requirements of the time. Offset label printing machines, silk screen label printing machines, letterpress label printing machine, flexo label printing machines, digital label printing machine consist of the latest technology. Periodic maintenance of all our label printing machines is carried out, ensuring that orders are delivered on time without stopping production.
SUSTAINABILITY We attach importance to sustainability principles in the production of household chemical labels. We minimise our environmental impact through steps such as the use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly adhesives and energy-saving production processes. We also have continuous improvement targets in waste management
RIGHT MATERIAL, GOOD RESULT The material of the labels of industrial products must be determined correctly. Many factors such as moisture resistance, oily surfaces, embossed product surface are factors in determining the right label. Our planning team successfully carries out the processes of selecting the right material to be used in label manufacturing and presenting it to the customer and obtaining approval.